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Ride Planner

Ride planner

When it comes to planning a ride, it can be hard sometimes to think of where to go and which route to take. The SSVC Ride Planner website is provided for you to choose from tried and tested SSVC routes for a hassle-free ride. There’s also an option for the weekly ride posters to generate the text to paste into a Facebook post/event on the club’s Facebook group.

Got a new route to an existing cafe? Got a new cafe and route that the club and its member would find useful? Please use the Submit a Route option on the ride planner to send it to us.

Cycling Coffee and Cake Stops Map

The Cycling Coffee and Cake Stops map is a great way to seek out a new cafe to stop at during a ride. Why not find a new cafe, design a route in Strava, then submit it on the Ride Planner site for all to use!