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SSVVC club kit

SSVC Club Kit by Shutt Velo

We have what we believe is a fantastic looking club kit. There’s nothing better than going out on a ride with the club and showing it off to the world!

Several times during the year, the club will open a kit ordering window. During these times you can view the kit and sizing charts, and place your orders on our custom site at Shutt Velo. After enough time has passed, the order window is closed and Shutt Velo will work on producing the items that individuals have ordered. Items will be delivered to the club kit person and then made available for collection by each individual that placed an order.

Please note – there are minimum order quantities for each item available. If the minimum order quantity is not reached for an item you have ordered, then a refund is issued when the order window closes. We always do our best to encourage enough orders for each item so as to not leave anyone disappointed.

Other Clothing Items

We have a few other items of clothing that we do not get from Shutt Velo. The following are available:

  • 4 gabba Jackets – £105 each
  • 9 jerseys – £55 each
  • 2 gilets (with pockets) – £60 each
  • 1 bib shorts – £90
  • 1 gilet (no pockets) – £50
  • 7 big bobble hats – £20 each
  • 3 neck tubes – £10 each
  • 2 caps – £10 each

Previous Kit

We have a selection of kit in stock that was manufactured by past suppliers. The following items are available to purchase:

  • 1 performance jersey 1817 – £35