SSVC Ride Leaders

We have a small group of members who have volunteered to act a ride leaders on club rides. The role of a ride leader is simple – to look out for our riders.

The sorts of things you’ll see ride leaders doing are:

  • Sharing planned rides on our Facebook page include destination, speed and distance
  • Greeting new members and making sure they’re aware of the distance and speed of the ride
  • Make a note of who is out on the bigger club rides and recruit a “sweeper” who’ll keep track of all riders in the group
  • Set the pace and keep an eye out to ensure people stay in the group (not off the front or out of the back)

To keep things consistently safe and fun for everyone, the riding advice that the ride leaders have pulled together is:

  • Always ride with a helmet
  • If you’re not sure if the ride is at a suitable pace for you, ask in advance
  • When a route has been provided, download the route on to your Garmin
  • Make sure your bike and equipment is roadworthy
  • When cycling in groups, keep to no more than 2 abreast and drop in to single file where it’s safer.
  • Follow the pace of the organised ride and help keep the group together
  • Look out for other riders and if you see someone dropping off the group, let the ride leader know and allow the pace to be adjusted accordingly
  • If you’re dropping off the back of a group give the others a shout to let people know
  • Be vocal and use hand signals to warn others in your group of what’s happening like these
  • If the group has split up (like it does on a hill) find a safe place to regroup like a lay-by or gateway… the brow of a hill or a junction is not ideal when cars and vans are likely to be obstructed.

Our ride leaders are:

  • Simon Gilby
  • Dave Springett
  • Simon Galley
  • Andy Bullock
  • Dave Watson
  • Terry Robertson
  • Rob Haworth
  • Kathy Beresford
  • Alan Hill
  • Robert (Bob) Bennett