2016 AGM

Stoney Stanton Vélo Club Annual General Meeting

Held at the Bull’s Head on Monday 19th September 2016

Present: Simon Gilby, Simon Galley, Simon Bithell, David Springett, Andy Bullock, Leon White, Damian Tranter, Greg Johnson, Mike Gardner, Dave Watson, Robert Bennett, Kevin Draper, Peter Draper, Jason Sampson, Richard Ford, Terry Robertson, Gary Lund, Tom Lund.

Andy Limb arrived hot from climbing Mont Ventoux, France towards the end of the meeting.

Chairman’s Report


Simon welcomed everyone to the first Stoney Stanton Vélo Club AGM. He began with the progress made in the first year of us being an established club.

Dates and Numbers

June last year we met at The Bulls Head and decided to formally establish the Stoney Stanton Vélo Club. In the 15 months in existence we have learnt much about managing a Cycling Club and what members wished to gain from belonging to the Club.

In setting up the Club we spoke about its purpose to ensure that cyclists in the village always had someone to ride with if they wanted company.

My aim for the first year was for us to gain enough members to re-register with British Cycling that would have required 10 members.

In the year to the end of June, we peaked at a membership of 66 people.

We now have 62 active members in the Club and I am sure that we will exceed our previous peak before the end of the year.


The progress made by the Club has been achieved by the help and support of a number of people so it’s appropriate to acknowledge them early.

The Club was able to be established with a donation from the proceeds from the Stanton to Skegness bike ride and the Club owes a debt of gratitude to Gaz & Angela Truby and Mike & Debbie Gardner.

Our committee meets every month and works hard to provide value for money for our members.

Terry Robertson volunteered to act as Secretary for 6 months to get us up and running. He gave us closer to 10 months and played an important role in the administration to British Cycling and welcoming new members.

David Springett is our Treasurer but contributes a lot more than just the financial management of the Club. Probably the most active and organised of anyone he’s been responsible for many of the memorable moments in the first year and we should all be grateful for that.

With a fantastic kit, originally designed by Richard Hessian, Andy Bullock has had his hands full at times. Particularly on that first round of orders going out which saw an order in the region of £2,500 with Kalas, Andy’s process now runs seamlessly and he is an important part of the team.

Leon White and Simon Bithell have coordinated some of our events and remain active participants on the committee, supporting the delivery of members activities.

Some of the senior members should also be acknowledged for their commitment to the Sunday Social rides. Unfailingly over the last few months the Sunday rides have provided an introduction to the club for many new members. The contribution of Dave Watson, Terry and Sonny towards the success of the socials should be acknowledged by all members.


Since we established last year there are lots of memorable moments. I make no apology for repeating myself here because some of the achievements that I would like to highlight are:

  • A fantastic kit, which turns peoples’ heads with its classic design and distinctive look
  • Affiliation to British Cycling and now Cycling UK to provide visibility and protection for the Club and its members
  • The weekend rides have really taken a foothold over the summer this year
  • Monthly Club Rides that are taking our members to specific destinations such as Draycote Water, Bosworth and next month we’ll be heading over to Pitsford Reservoir
  • Exceptional rides like the Anniversary Ride and I Am Team GB ride arranged by David have been well supported this summer.
  • Our digital presence had broadened with our own website, Strava club, Garmin group and 181 people in the Facebook community
  • The SSVC stall at the carnival was well supported and gave the Club the opportunity to give something back to the community

As a committee we have been busy and in year one, the Club has done more than I had expected when we set it up together last year. The second year of the Club should reinforce the progress that has been made and continue its development.

Looking forward 

In the coming year there are a few things I would like to see us move forward with, but knowing what our members would like to see more of is important. The items I believe we should work on are:

  • Delivery of membership cards to capture emergency contact details that our members can take on every ride
  • Ensure that the “something for everyone” culture continues so that there are rides that cater to the capabilities of all our members
  • Improve the coordination of the online things we do
  • More events and social activities for members so we really create a sense of identity

During the meeting, I’d like to hear from members about what else they would like SSVC to be doing in the coming year.

Treasurer’s Report

Balance at Bank £492.27 Cash in Hand £65.00

Election of Officers

Chairman: Simon Gilby

Secretary: Simon Galley

Treasurer: David Springett

Committee members: Leon White, Simon Bithell, Andy Bullock, Chris Depledge (IT Consultant)

Open Discussion of the Future

A general discussion took place by those present for future events and what was desired.

1- Kit

Use some of the reserves to purchase a stock of jerseys

2 – Rides

  • Night riding on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Kev Draper to advertise)
  • Monthly rides to be special occasions to new locations
  • Encourage members to take part in organised sportives & road trips during winter months
  • Winter indoor “bike fit” – explore costs with Nuneaton Cyclery or GC Cycling?
  • Winter spinning sessions or yoga cat Studio 13 could be advertised
  • When members organise road trips open them up to the other club members
  • Time trials at Wolvey may be a way to continue progressing the club activities so explore these next year
  • Set up a local club route challenge – about 10 miles for members
  • Development for younger members – be able to share a pipeline Hinckley Flyers, Go Ride Coaches, Mallory Park etc when younger members want to get involved
  • Treasure Hunt

3 – Social

  • Xmas social and Boxing Day ride
  • Set up more social events such as curry nights
  • Social Membership for non-riding friends and family members

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and contributing to the discussion and giving the Committee some ideas for the future and declared the meeting closed.