Wednesday KnightRiders

Wednesday evening KNIGHTRIDERS. Meet at 6.30pm opposite the Living Rock Church on Station Road. The group rides 20-40 miles, depending on the time of year. The group rides at the pace of the slowest rider and the group will split into two if more than 8 riders attend.

Thursday Thrash

The THURSDAY THRASH is by nature a fast paced “turn up and get dropped” ride. Come along and push your limits! The group meets at the Bus Shelter opposite The Bull’s Head pub on Long Street at 6.30pm

Saturday Training Ride

The SATURDAY TRAINING ride is regularly publicised by members offering to lead rides of varying distances and speeds. We encourage all members to download the route of their chosen ride. Ride leaders will look out for all members, but you may find the group splits and regroups throughout the ride. Groups typically meet between 8am and 9.30am in the car park of the Bull’s Head pub on Long Street. Training ride routes are often reflective of the type of events that our members have coming up, which means distances vary.

Sunday Social

The SUNDAY SOCIAL is our weekly club ride. We select a cafe and a core route. Some members will elect to publicise additional routes to accommodate distance or speed. But members all meet at the cafe together and ride either there or back as a club. Any group that rides together, sticks together along their chosen route and rides at the pace of the slowest rider. The official route is generally 25-35 miles and the group meets at 10am in the car park of the Bull’s Head pub on Long Street.