Whilst we’re all confined to solo cycling, we’re running regular KnightRider training sessions on Zwift.

When do we ride?

Andy Cattell is hosting a group ride on Wednesday at 8pm

What do we ride?

30km “no-drop” route, which means no matter how quickly you ride, you’ll stay with the group

How do I join?

There is a regular group of riders who keep in contact via a WhatsApp group. To join, drop a message on the Facebook group.

You can also follow Andy on Zwift and he will invite you to all future rides

What do I need?

A turbo trainer or rollers and, if you want to join the virtual route, a Zwift account

How is this social?

Paul Hirons has set up a Discord account to enable everyone to chat during the ride. You can use it on your desktop, tablet or phone.

If you’re new to Virtual KnightRiders, post a message on Facebook and Paul will invite you to the SSVC Zwift group. You’ll receive instructions of how to get yourself set up, when you join the group.

P.S. If you don’t use Zwift but you do have a turbo trainer or rollers at home, you can still join the gang for the social aspect and complete your own ride/set.

TRAINING: Virtual Knightriders

April 8, 2020


Andy Cattell


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