Attendees: Simon Gilby (SG-C), Simon Galley (SG-S), David Springett (DS), Russell Webster (RW), Andy Bullock (AB)

Apologies: Simon Bithell (No. 4) , Dan England

Agenda Items

  1. Previous actions
  2. Skeggy ride review
  3. Finance, Membership
  4. Kit
  5. Carnival
  6. Anniversary ride
  7. Beginner Ride
  8. HCRC 2-up TT

Previous Actions
  • Skeggy lessons learned – Needs to be separate meeting
  • Carnival – has been re-arranged to September 15th 1200-1600. DS to get smoothie bike
  • SG-C to organise flowers as a thank you to the café who provided the 4th stop

We have £990.55 in the bank + £190 cash in hand


Current renewals 23 from anniversary ride, plus approx. 4 others

SG-S to message members via BC console to remind membership is due. To also message members who have renewed to see what they want from the club.
SG-S to update BC member list using sign on sheet from Anniversary ride


RW meeting with 1847 arranged for Thursday 11th July. To attend with SG-S

ACTION: RW to publish list/ form of casual kit on Facebook and start taking orders

Monthly Club Rides
  • 4th August – DS to lead with support from SG-S
  • 1st September – SG-S to lead with support from RW
  • 29th September – SG-C to lead with support from SG-S

Rides to set out from sport field as it’s more suitable and has parking

ACTION: SG-S to promote rides via BC Let’s Ride platform

  • 27th October – Treasure hunt. ACTION: SG-C to organise
  • Beginner ride 21st September. ACTION: SG-C to message riders from initial beginners ride for feedback and to encourage them to re-join the group


  • Rugby CC 3-up TTT @ Mallory
  • HCRC 2-up TT, 11th August

July 2, 2019




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