The Gower peninsula is quite beautiful and is definitely worth a visit as a cycling destination. It is near Swansea and is about 190 miles from Stoney Stanton. Head for J47 of the M4 and follow the signs for The Gower.

I stayed at a fantastic camp site called Hill End Camping near Llangenith. It has all of the amenities including shop, restaurant and shower washroom and toilets. BUT IT’S NOT SUITABLE FOR CARAVANS. (Obviously there are other places to choose from) It sits at the back of Rhossilli beach behind the sand dunes and is a great place to stay. And to start and finish your rides at. There are also fantastic walks from here too. Both the cycling and the walking will take your breath away… both literally and figuratively!

The cycling is amazing on quiet country lanes and the destinations will mostly be visiting the stunning beaches.

A WORD OF CAUTION: the lanes, while being quiet, are also VERY NARROW AND TWISTY! You won’t know what’s around the corner so forget about your average speed and slow down and enjoy the views and the ride. Don’t worry there are plenty of VERY STEEP (20%) short little hills down to, and up from, the beaches to get your blood pumping and to take your breath away!

There are countless coffee shops, restaurants, and icecream shops everywhere. There is one in particular that I would like to recommend- it is the village shop/cafe in Llanmaddoc… it is amazing, very friendly staff, and very reasonably priced too- I had coffee, a tuna mayo roll and cake all for £6!

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